16 definition by Harris Bergstein

Apparently celebrated by Jews for Jesus, according to this pamplet I was given on the F train. Not to be confused with Groundhog Luther King Day, which isn't celebrated by anybody. Yet.
Jew for Jesus: Happy Chrismukkah!
Me: No.
by Harris Bergstein December 21, 2006

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The practice of purchasing an item and then returning a different (usually inferior or obsolete) item in the original packaging for a refund or credit. The term is usually applied to electronic components (video cards and the like), where such substitutions are likely to pass unnoticed. The practice is also generally limited to big-box stores like Best Buy or Wal*Mart, where sales volume, employee apathy, and managerial incompetence combine to create an extremely subterfuge-friendly environment.

The word may originate from a bastardized tense of "take."

For an example of primitive reverse teeking, please consult www.tomsphotos.com/router
"Wow, an 80 Gig iPod! How much did that set you back?"
"Nothing, I teeked out my 30."

"Did you sell your old box?"
"Not yet. I think I'm gonna teek the parts at CompUSA."
by Harris Bergstein December 22, 2006

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