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The unintentional act of being distracted while attempting to meditate due to the realization that you are, are not, or should be meditating. Also refers to excessive self-awareness and self-consciousness pertaining either to one's mind or body, occurring during or interfering with successful meditation practices. Common in persons meditating for the first or second time, or who don't believe in or agree with the premise of meditation. Sometimes accompanied by or triggered by embarrassment about the fact that they are meditating.
Ex 1: Whenever I finally started to relax and lose myself in the meditation exercises, I would think, "Ok, it's working now!" This metatation always caused me to lose my hard-won focus.
Ex 2: A couple times I almost started to fall into the rhythm of the Yoga class, at which point I would ask myself, "What am I even doing at a stupid Yoga class?", the metatation jolting me back into my crowded, disorganized thinking pattern and daily worries.
by Harlequin Princess May 24, 2009
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A euphemism for ugly. A politically correct term similar to "mentally challenged", "vertically challenged", and "horizontally challenged". (Which mean retarded, short, and fat, respectively.
"In Washington D.C. and Santa Cruz, California, it's actually illegal to discriminate against people who are aesthetically challenged. Damn liberals..."

"I'm not ugly! I'm just *aesthetically challenged*!"
by Harlequin Princess October 1, 2009
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A desired quality in prospective mates that is not explicitly stated by the person listing said desired qualities. (Typically these lists are created for one's dating website portfolio or social networking profile.) The usual implied prerequisite is physical attractiveness, and it's use (that is, omission of the desired quality) may be seen either as tactful or hypocritical, depending on which side of the situation you are on.
"She said she wanted someone that's funny, nice, and smart...and that's me. Why doesn't she like me?"

"Dude, you're missing the implied prerequisite."
by Harlequin Princess September 27, 2009
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