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Briana is pretty,big booty, pretty but little hair . Brianas are hoes. Brianas are always getting into useless arguments with people.Brianas always have that one lightskin friend that looks better than them and could be better but there friend Briana makes them look bad . Briana is a pretty petty jealous hoe. She always think she's the shit but she isn't even though she could be if she didn't have a bad attitude . Briana always talks to multiple boys. She always talks to her boyfriends bestfriends. Briana can switch up easily . She always has 3 main friends one lightskin, another light skin that likes fighting but can't ,and a darkskin friend who's mom is gorgeous but she isn't and she always ready to fight . Briana loves arguing and being tough but never admits the truth about herself .
Is that the new girl?
Yea why?
Cause she is gorgeous and has a nice ass but her little lightskin friend cannot fight .
Yea her name is Briana
by Happywriter701 May 20, 2017

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