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Ever so slightly illegal process whereby agents of the government of the United States kidnap people, against whom they have probably irrational suspicions (see Guantanamo), transport them via various European states, with the illicit approval of their governments, to dodgy states in eastern Europe and then beat the fucking crap out of them in pursuit of the truth.
Extraordinary rendition is an invention of limp-wristed liberals and other faggots. Fox News can find no evidence that it ever actually happens, and even if it did, what's the problem?
by Happy lemming June 18, 2006
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Lying, two-faced, duplicitous cunt who is the chief executive of a British university.
The Vice-Chancellor argued to the government that students should be charged tuition fees in order to pay academic staff an appropriate salary, but then, when the fees arrived and the academic staff asked for a pay rise, he discovered that academic staff were actually very well paid indeed and in any case all the new money had already been spent, so academic staff could just go fuck themselves, while he awarded himself a 25% pay rise in recognition of his own outstanding talents.
by Happy lemming June 18, 2006
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