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gindalooning/gindalunacy; verb- Origins, late1970's early1980's. Brooklyn New York.specificaly the Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and Canarsie area. During the height of peak Italian Female saturation of the boro of Brooklyn. prior to the mass Ginzo exodous of the early 1990's from these neighborhoods, to Staten Island and New Jersey. Used mainly by non Italian Males Married to Or Dating big haired, short skirt, high heel wearing Italiancuchinette guidettechicks. Describes The Inermittent whining, complaining, snappy mouthed bad attitude behavior,and the gradual raising of the voice to shrill like volumes. Exhibited when they are Being antagonized by theyr'e spouse, not getting theyr'e way, feel they are being ignored, or when experiencing pre menstural/menstural symptoms in the younger or pre menopausal/menopausal symptoms in those 35 and above. punctuated by the rolling of masscara eyes, fanning themself with a hand or flat object, snapping theyr'e gum in rapid fire succession, turning the head from side to side and sighing or expelling air through pursed lips in exasperation. If standing will cock out one hip wtih a hand on the opposite hip and tap a toe or click a heel on the floor rapidly, to bring attention to herself.
1.I keep turning off the A/C because my Wife is having Hot flashes from Menopause and she is now full on Gindalooning about being hot

2. I saw this cuchine chick on 18th avenue and 86th street outside the Oriental theatre go into a raging gindalooning fit on her Boyfriend. She was Gindalooning about him scuffing her new pumps.
by Happily Married To a Guidette January 03, 2011

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