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Gold Coast girls can easily be spotted by their undying desire to be perfect in everyway.

Their basic and shallow aim in life is to hang out at the beach, wear sunglasses too big for their face, and dance on boats to David Guetta.

They often are intelligent having never worked outside of either retail or hospitality.

Only date guys who go to the gym, and have tribal tattoos.
"Woah did you see those Gold Coast girls in club LIV, God I want to be like them, I'm totolly dropping quitting my high paying job to be a Gold Coast girl and just have fun every weekend."
by HandleIT March 10, 2015
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Once a very large, very 'brain-washed' society of zombie staff, is now a revolutionized community of new teachers and kids that are smarter than previous 'rich brats' that once attended.

Having kicked out the old, brainless hag running the school into the ground, the school seems to be improving as a younger, and more competent principle has stepped forward to take the reigns.

Taking a more 'liberal' and 'open' aspect to their education surrounding the Bible, kids are not as berated as they were once before. However, the children attending the school are still gossipers and no good rich kids.

As for the Bible department, one still cannot walk if you haven't taken the fourth year; hopefully this mundane rule shall be reconsidered with the new head of the school. But, they have employed more proficient Bible teachers that no longer drill the gurgling nonsense into children's heads.

Still as expensive as hell, though.
Students of 2006-2011: "God, I f*cking hate Calvary Chapel Murrieta. I can't wait to leave to blahblahblah next year - I'm NEVER coming back to this sh*t hole!"

Students of 2012-2015: "You know what? Calvary isn't that bad any more... Once they got rid of that f*cking b*tch that used to be Principle, now it's somehow manageable. I think I'll stick it through 'til next year... Still as expensive as hell though."
by HandleIT June 7, 2014
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