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classically a female name which is drawn from the sea.

Typically female - and one of creative talents.

Could possible marry a man who likes bikes and first name starts with an E.
Hiona is such and awesome designer. she could so marry evan.
by Hamish February 04, 2010
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the ultimate come bk there is nothin u can say that beats it not a word but o well
ur losing @ a game of lets say... checkers n ur m8s just took 2 of ur pieces this is the perfect opportunity 2 call him a trumpet playing scolop
by hamish August 08, 2003
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Scotch College, Melbourne, is Australia's best school in every worthwhile respect
He was a Scotch boy, so you know he is a good bloke
by Hamish August 20, 2004
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my name is munk
by Hamish February 06, 2003
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Gagging for a crap
The curry from the night before meant he was busting through the entire meeting
by Hamish March 13, 2003
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