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A rather tall boy. Is usually a beast at basketball, and one of the greatest baseball players anyone around has ever seen. He's usually very humorous, and friendly. Can make friends with anyone. Isn't a jerk or rude to anyone unless they are to him. He's got a bit of a southern side. He enjoys country music, yet he's also fond of rap. He's one hell of a genius, and has a nice voice. Benjamins often have very nice bodies, but their ass is the best part! Benjamin's are very well rounded. He doesn't date often, but once he finds that girl, he settles down. Usually, girls will fall fast for a Benjamin. A Benjamin will more than likely fall for their bestfriend, or that special girl will become his best friend. If you catch a Benjamin, KEEP HIM.
He's so smart, and great at sports.
And look at that ass! He's got to be a Benjamin.
He's in love with his best friend! That's one lucky girl!
by HaleyBuggy December 28, 2011
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