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while you are getting some dome you spin around so that your dick is tucked between your legs and pointing directly behind you. then get down on all fours(hands and knees) then continue to copp dome. Then just as your about to blow your load the giver turns his or her head so that thier ear as at the tip of your penis and then let 'em get the secret message!
"come over here, i got a secret message for you"
" sh!t i hit her so hard i made her deaf!"
"i gave her the best secret message shes ever had!"
by Had-One-Once April 20, 2009

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The spread of blue balls to the schlong starting at the base and moving slowly towards the tip.
"how was that girl last night?"
"it was good, but she left me with a blue unicorn"
by Had-One-Once April 20, 2009

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