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A game created by Max Barry to promote his books, quite fun if you have a mind.
Nation states is a great game.
by Hack Nike June 02, 2005
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One of the most kick ass writers...EVER!! A good synonym is kickass. Has written the books Jennifer Government and Syrup,a new book entitled "Company" is coming out soon as well. Made a game called Nation States to help promote his books.
Kick ass writer!! I love his works!!
by Hack Nike May 09, 2005
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Qaulity computer that is the best choice for video, pictures, or music editing. Not for gaming due to compatibility issues. Morons like to argue which is better,Windows or Macs, I personally think that both are good for certain things. People who say that, "Windows sucks because it crashes every 2 minutes" either have never owned a windows computer,or just had a shitty computer and didn't set it up properly.
Macs are good and so are PC's.
by Hack Nike June 03, 2005
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