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Quite possibly the coolest and most profitable country in the whole world. Is better than everyone except Germany and America in the Winter Olympics, therefore proving its awesomeness. A very cold (cool) northern country in Europe, is a Nordic and Scandinavian country. Has more money per person then any other country, and is quite possibly the whitest place on earth. Example: white-skinned, blue-eyed, blond-haired Norwegian rappers
That guy from Norway is so white, he blends in with the snow
by HÆrdcøre February 26, 2010

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A word commonly used by a white person who believes that they are, or want to be, black. Is pronounced with a hard "G", such as in "great", followed by the suffix "hetto", spoken as if it is separate from the G. A person who describes themself as G-hetto can often be found:
*thinking that they can rap
*acting black
*being generally abnormal
*trying to be cool while wearing a turtleneck.

Usually a G-hetto person is not very popular and is shunned as a social outcast. A G-hetto person may also call themselves "G". Interchangeable with "white"
"He is so G-hetto, thinking he's cool."
by HÆrdcøre February 26, 2010

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