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Karmen means "song". She is musically talented being able to write, play or sing just about anything she chooses to.She is crafty and very intelligent. She is beautiful and down to earth with messy hair, dirty feet and a wild sparkle in her eyes. She is a hippie at heart and has a deep understanding of the universe as well as her surroundings. She believes in the earth and sky and likes her feet to firmly stay planted on the ground. She down to earth, funny and takes no shit. She considers everyone to be equal and is fair in everything she does. She is neither for nor against anything; she lives life to the fullest and always has a smile on her face. Karmen is also known to mean "garden" or "fruitful orchard" both are natural and nature.
That karmen is amazing!!
by Gypsysoulstarpark April 17, 2018
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