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Act of tucking your lips inside your lover's anus and vomiting inside their rectum. Then after an hour wait, you lay down while they squat over you and fart it back out on your chest. Usually by this point the vomit curdles nicely, and comes out chunky like cottage cheese.
I heard Danny Juicyfingers and Sanzabar Pepperpants were up all night last night watching Golden girls reruns and giving each other some pretty healthy Chunky Bufords.
by Gypsy Bummer January 06, 2005
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A stupid name for a really good game, see Whitaker's Bowl
Mofo! It ain't no Fetterman's Trap! It's Whitakers Bowl! (Or Cum Champ-pag-ange!")
by Gypsy Bummer January 18, 2005
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