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In entertainment or sports, a laughably poor performance usually caused by:
1. Lack of planning, preparation or talent.
2. Random events that effectively sabotage
the effort (i.e., technical problems).
Dumpster Fire is the kindest thing I can
say about Oakland's game against San Diego.
by Guitarist1234 December 20, 2008

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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. A hallucenogenic drug
that is really in class by itself. First synthesized in the
late 30's and investigated by the U.S. Army in the 50's
as a possible mind control agent, it found great popularity
with the 60's hippies and celebrities. Still around today
and relatively cheap on the street.

LSD ("Acid"), taken in a sufficient dose, is mood altering
and can produce gross perceptual and sensory distortion.
More importantly, it seems to unlock the barriers between
the subconcious and concious mind. One researcher
compared it to producing an artificial psychotic break,
almost like seeing what it's like to be schizophrenic.

Most experienced users agree that the mood of the user
and the company or surroundings will cause a good or
bad experience. The drug's use can also be compared
to playing Russian Roulette. Five fun trips and The
Worst Experience Of Your Life. It also can cause chromo-
some damage and trigger real mental illness. Some users
report seeing after-effects years after they have stopped.

Fun fact: Vincent Price can be seen reading up on using
LSD to help frighten a victim to death in the 50's
schlock horror flick "The Tingler"...
Are the high you get and/or the insights you think you're
getting on LSD worth the risk? Depends on who you ask,
like say the late Tim Leary or the late Syd Barrett.
by Guitarist1234 October 24, 2009

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A individual usually totally bereft of actual talent or
fortune who habitually attempts to glom on to an

actual celebrity, hoping the fame or fortune will
rub off sufficiently to make them a "celebrity" also.
Some actually succeed, like reaching some sort of

critical mass, in becoming famous for being famous.
Having failed to extort pro footballer Shawn Merriman,
annoying celebreleech Tila Tequila has resurfaced

claiming to be the "fiancee" of heiress Casey Johnson.
(Not that she wants to stake a claim to any of the

Johnson fortune or anything...)
by Guitarist1234 January 08, 2010

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