3 definitions by Grodzilla

A person who talks tough over the internet with no intention or ability to back up his words.
Winston(E-thug): Yea bitch? How about I stomp your ass?
Internet user: Aren't you that 90lb. nerd from school?
Winston(E-thug): Er, I was just kidding...

Another example.

Winston is a total pussy but when were playing Halo online hes a total E-Thug...
by Grodzilla May 20, 2008
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An alternative or upgrade to calling someone an asshole or butthole.

Joe passed me a fake $100 the other day. What a complete and utter f uckhole.
by Grodzilla May 20, 2008
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To fight in a superheroic or crazy way.

Errol Flynn was the star of various adventure movies like robin hood, captain blood, etc.
Joey was getting jumped by a gang but suddenly went all Errol Flynn and kicked their ass!
by Grodzilla May 20, 2008
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