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A girl that has no respect for herself and continually goes to hook up with a goofy mother fucker from jersey. This bitch apparently loves sucking dick and honestly looks like a male.
Normal Kids: So you gonna call up the booty call tonight man?

Idiot: Nah man fuck that shit

The next day the two normal kids find out that the idiot indeed did call up the booty call and performed a UPS delivery (which doesn't include finishing in her)
by Grinnel1 March 09, 2009

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When a faggot ass bitch is at the beach with 2 girls he doesn't even know, and in trying to impress them, he says he is hard of hearing and has had eight operations on his ears. His friends are astonished by this seeing as though he has never said anything about any operation(s) on his ears in the two years that they have known his skinny ass.

Later on that night he will light up a cigarette even though he doesn't fucking smoke... just to impress the girls.
Sid: Have you girls ever had trouble with hearing?

Stupid NY sluts: No not really

Sid: Well do you know any reasons why my hearing would be bad?

Stupid NY sluts: I dunno do you have a lot of earwax?

Sid: No I always clean my ears (even though he really doesn't)

Sid: well wait I have had 8 operations on my ears so maybe that has something to do with it.

rest of group: "Man that has to be the lie of the century"
by Grinnel1 March 09, 2009

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