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AsterieBot is a popular divination-focused discord bot, found sprawling the various worlds of discord's divination, spiritual, tarot etc type communities. Originally an IRC bot created ~2016, it specialises in providing in-depth meanings and explanations behind the cards, runes, and other divinatory systems it’s capable of. It doesn’t just pull, say, a tarot card - rather, it will pull a Tarot card and provide keywords, the card image (including possible reversals), and a description - enough to give you a healthy understanding. The bot has a wide variety of decks and multiple rune sets, as well as an 8-Ball command, hieroglyphic divination, daily horoscopes, astrology & tarot memes, & other misc commands.

Key Features include:

* In-depth Tarot, lenormand, and oracle card divination
* In-depth runic divination, with multiple rune sets
* A growing list of decks to choose from
* Deck customizability: curate your own favourites list, ban decks from appearing (either for yourself or for your server)
* Ability to search for individual cards along with their full detailed descriptions (useful for study groups, or if you need a reminder, or during specific-card discussions!)
* Astrology & tarot memes
* In-depth horoscope feature
* Standard 8-ball & a more fun version
* Unique divination systems (greek letter, hiroglyphic)
* Misc fun commands such as random quotes, jokes, compliment other users, yes/no coinflips, a choose command, etc
Fairy_24: Hmm, does anyone know what the Eight of Swords tarot card mean?
xx_HeliDagger: Just type ?cardsearch rw eight of swords, AsterieBot will explain
by Grimer Mandemer August 17, 2021
'Brime' is a nickname for Brazilian grime music - an electronic genre of music originally created in the UK circa 2002. Brazilian grime came into its own around the mid-late 2000s, headed by artists such as SD9, ANTCO, Diniboy, Fleezus, Febem, & more. The Brasil Grime Show is a notable outlet that releases grime sets.

Brime has notably innovated by introducing influences from baile funk music to the genre.
Jimtinho: Yo, did you see that new brime set on YouTube?
Wileyinho: Yes G! It was sick, love seeing Brazilians make grime music!
by Grimer Mandemer August 17, 2021