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Someone who complains alot, moans about their life etc...

Usually used in the north of england.

Also a arctic monkeys song.
person one: "Oh god i wish i could have got arctic monkeys tickets"

person two: "stop being such a mardy bum"
by Greg Hartley, April 10, 2006
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A dodgy crooked angle used in photos.
Usually from above the head with the arm stretched out so the face cannot be seen properly.
The angle is usually associated with the Myspace photoshopping which consists of a ridiculous brightness and contrast adjustment which makes it even harder to see who the person is.
Sometimes used to make grim people look alright.
Person 1: Hah, she has got the "Myspace Angle"

Person 2: She's hot, trust me ive seen her

Person 1: It looks like she has odd sized ears and boils, she is not hot.
by Greg Hartley, August 17, 2006
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