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A (usually Black or minority) sell-out who sits up front and pushes the agenda or gives a Black face (or representative of another disenfranchised group) to policies, actions or institutions inimical to his or her own people or people. A porch nigga or porch negro is you will, is a convenient front-man who holds much less authority than his or her name or title implies. The phrase has long been in common use among Blacks and Whites as well as has this specific meaning. This is not new slang or a racist term per se, though it is obviously impolite and politically incorrect to use in many settings. It is akin to an Uncle Tom, only the porch nigga has some relatively high nominal status and may just be an opportunist or someone who just doesn't care how his role as a front man might be harmful. Porch niggas think that they are special or deserve their high nominal status. Recently a black commentator told Juan Williams at Fox News, when he was fired for an anti Islamic comment from his other gig at NPR that he was going "back on the porch". This phrase was misunderstood by some not versed in American racial vernacular.
Person #1 "Obama is the porch nigga for the same old policies we've been seeing that screws over working folks and people of color throughout the world."
Person #2 "You know that's right!"
by Green Brathwaite October 29, 2013
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