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Dry, hardened grease. if grease is the liquid form, then greech is the solid form of the same substance. commonly found greech forms are melted cheese left untouched and left out to dry and become greech. Look on the floor at any Pizzeria and you can find greech. Or just ask for the manager and tell him that he's got a belly full of greech and that he's a failure in life. The substance needed a name as I saw it in the bottom of an unwashed, unclean, unfit for love-making George Foreman lean, mean, fat burning grill. Also, if your name is Screech and you are really greasy, then I might call you greech. Greech can also come in the form of a zit, a scab, crusty lard or other food products like dried up cheese or crunchy fried chicken skin. Greech is awfully hard to clean. If you ever find yourself trying to scrub and clean a greechy ass pan, you might find yourself exclaiming. "Fuck, This is fucking greech!" If greech is served gourmet style then some may call it "guiche" pronounced "gweesh" The wrod Greech can also have an implied meaning, so that the person already understands what you mean because of the context that it is used in.
"what up, greech?"
"the foreman grill has a lot of greech in that tray"

person1:whats up man?
person2:you're greech!
by Greaseriah April 06, 2006
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