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A female who has a constant stank smell from her vagina that can be sniffed by just sitting next to her. Usually that female has a well known stentch from her pussy among multiple, unconnected circles, groups of friends or acquaintances. If one is around that female in "close" quarters or the bedroom, be careful. A stankypuss's stank puss can leave stains!
Barry couldnt believe his roomate Jim brought a stankypuss back to the house after the bar the night before & passed out on the livingroom floor! Besides Jim having to take 4 showers when he woke up, now he would have to pay for a carpet cleaner!!
by Grant Gatsby September 08, 2010
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a male who manu-fucktures sluts
Mandy, Jill & Emily were all virgins til they met Jon the slutsmith.
by grant gatsby September 06, 2010
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