5 definitions by Grand Tissue Box

An extremely sexual text phase usually sent from a girl basically meaning "hi i wanna fuck."
Boy: *sits at home*
Girl: *texts him "heyyyyyy"*
Boy: I'm getting laid tonight!
by Grand Tissue Box May 6, 2013
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The term that refers to the feeling of ass freezing ice in the air outside of your warm bed or shower.

This feeling mostly causes procrastination in the morning when you are still waking up.
Man: I should really get out of the shower now. But that arctic breeze is to damn cold!
by Grand Tissue Box January 11, 2013
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A hefty tough man who falls for cute things like kittens and soft puppies.
Man 1: Dude that wrestler is such a pillow licker!

Man 2: Really? He seems tough!

Man 1: No way! I saw him playing with some kittens the other day!
by Grand Tissue Box December 30, 2013
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Randomly hearing your name from a crowd of people and turning around fast looking for who said it.
Man 1: I swear I just heard my name

Man 2: Must be your owl sense acting up again
by Grand Tissue Box January 3, 2013
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Finally realizing your life sucks more than you actually thought.
Man 1: I was hanging in this great cardboard box the other day!

Man 2: Reality check

Man: Wow i am a hobo after all. My mom was right
by Grand Tissue Box January 3, 2013
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