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When you have already done something. Made popular by Shawty Lo in his song Dunn Dunn.
Them chickens, dunn fuck fuck em all... dunn dunn dunn dunn-Shawty Lo- Dunn Dunn
by Gozzy June 21, 2008

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When you have sex with someone and they make a high pitched noise like "AYEEEE" or "OOOOOO" As if they are in a choir concert singing a song.
Dude 1: I was getting head so last night and i was singing fall setta!!

Girl 1: His dick was so big it had me saying "AAAAHH" OHHHHH" I was saying fall setta

Dude 2: Man last night I fucked a girl and she was crying fall setta.

by Gozzy January 31, 2008

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When someone is really tall. Male or Female.
Damn that girl is tall she is like 6 12
by Gozzy September 24, 2006

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There are African Americans and African Africans.

African Americans were born and raised in America, so did their parents and grand parents.

African African is sosmeone who was born in Africa and raised there. They might move to America and become a fob.

Jasmine: What's your name?

African: Chinedu

Jasmine: Where are you from again?

Chinedu: Nigeria I was born and raised there, I moved here last year.

Jasmine: Oooohhh!! So you are not African American you are African African.
by Gozzy July 17, 2008

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When a person dresses very hip hop and flashy. They wear matching clothes shoes and hats. The boys usually wear Baggy clothes and air forces. Girls wear tight pants and show off their madriff. And they have nice chains and jewelry. And they are dressing well.
Person 1- Yo you that girl
Person 2-Yea
Person 1- She got dress game, she is wearing them applebottoms and she got a body but her face....
Person 2- Ewww she a buttahead
by Gozzy August 03, 2006

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Someone who has great abs. They have 6 or 8 packs. And They look so good.
Jessica Alba has a sick pack.
by Gozzy November 06, 2006

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Something that makes you mad. Or really annoyed. Originated on Family Guy Untold Stories DVD. Peter Griffin gets a job at the News Channel
When girls give everyone play and they are called hoes and they get mad, that really grinds my gears!

No one has never mad a priest and a rabi joke in a while, that really grinds my gears-Peter Griffin
by Gozzy August 10, 2006

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