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Much like "sick" or "ill" unhealthy is the newest word used to express awe or approval of something. It can be applied to any noun but is often used in a sequence.
1. Dude that trick was unhealthy
2. Yo, this samwhich is mad ill unhealthy sick nasty
by Gordon C. Thompson May 13, 2006

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A term with a variety of both positive and negative connotations:
1. Gross, pertaining usually to an item or woman (when describing a woman can be used to describe looks, personality or general feeling one gets of her)
2. Not quite right
3. Awesome, an exclamation often used to approve of something
1. Dude who left out all this old pizza it's mad greezy.
1.. Yea, it was a chill scene until those two real greezy chicks arrived.
2. She would have been decent but she was a little greezy.
3. Gordon: dude, my mom got us tickets to see the colbert report
James: Greezy!
by Gordon C. Thompson December 03, 2006

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