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A citizen of the great, beautiful Hong Kong. (Not China)
Person A: Did you come from China?
Person B: Nope, I'm from Hong Kong. I'm am Hong Kongnese
by Google Chrome January 19, 2012

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AP Lunch is an AP class that will give you double lunch, and the food is way more better! Usually in the AP Lunch test it will test your speed of finishing your lunch and you will have to write a free response of how your spaghetti tastes.
Person A: Hey, I got AP Lunch this year!
Person B: There's AP Lunch?
Person A: Of coz!
Person B: Troll face
by Google Chrome February 29, 2012

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n. - The worst web browser in man's history.
Hate that IE6. :(
by Google Chrome October 02, 2011

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