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A piece of dried and hardened turd that is suspended from one's ass hairs. They dangle freely and gracefully like wind chimes and form into many small clusters of brown crusty nuggets. It is formed when a person is expelling fecal matter and said person improperly wipes his fudge tunnel leaving the turd entangled in the jungle of ass hairs. Complications from having dingleberries are unwanted skid marks and irritating itches. They must be removed manually which may cause some pain and discomfort primarily because the ass hairs that are encrusted to the dingleberries are plucked right out of the pubic follicles. Failure to remove them may result in creation of an unbearable stench and infestation of bacterial growth accumulating all around the anal region and reaching parts of the gooch.
Because of David's incompetence, his dingleberry got bigger and bigger until it stuck out of his undergarments. People walked by and commented on his shitbrick.

While i was taking the Shit of the century, i was in such a hurry that forgot to wipe my ass completely. Now, i have a permanently embedded dingleberry hanging from my Babylonian ass garden. Recently, i went to my doctor and he told me that the dingleberry is growing so fast that it will be the size of a pomegranate by the time it fully grows and matures.

Richard says that his dingleberries are the result of having thick ass dreads and poor anal hygiene.

Andrew: Hey Kathy, lets try the 69 position.
Kathy: Okay, im in. Take off your leopard skin underwear and let me suck on your man hammer.
Andrew(thinks to himself): I hope she finds my dingleberries to be pleasant; i myself love snacking on a freshly plucked dingleberry during early afternoons.
Kathy: Andrew! what the fuck is shit all around your ass and gooch! its getting into my nostrils and mouth and im having a hard time giving you pleasure.
Andrew: Its perfectly fine Kathy. Look they taste incredible and are full of turdy goodness.
Kathy: You are sick! You better clean yourself mister, or we are through!
Andrew: Chillax kathy and have a bite of 'Andrew's Brown Safari Nuggets'.
by Goochmeister March 29, 2009
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