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Sucking your buddy's cock, strictly out of friendship and comradery. Just like a bromance, this is not gay. At all.

(not to be confused with how a Chinaman asks for oral sex)
"Brad, these high fives just aren't showing the manly affection I need to show right now. How bout a bro job?"

"That sounds awesome Trent. It's so awesome we're so close and not gay. Awesome."

bro job
by Goob McNa$ty November 11, 2010
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1. The flurry of words that are fired between two people during a cocaine session, often resulting in broken promises and false proclamations of love.
"I don't think either one of them is listening to the other."

"They're in mid caine-versation.
by Goob McNa$ty April 02, 2010
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The scent or flavor that all exotic dancers spray themselves with before selling lap-dances.
stripperfruit (Stripper Fruit)

Patron: "Is that strawberry? Pomegranate? I can't quite pinpoint that smell"
Dancer: "It's stripperfruit. We have a pool of stripperfruit juice in the back that we go swimming in to make us more alluring. The moisture also helps the glitter stick to us better."
by Goob McNa$ty March 06, 2014
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