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When your neck is so fat that you have a flap of fat around your neck, usually in the back of your neck. that only occurs when you eat too many cats of the name Hailey. to get rid of that flap you have to lie in the sun for twelve hours.
hailey: "is my neck obease because i dont have a mirror.
suzie: "yeah you have an obease neck...."
hailey: |lets go lie under the sun!"
by Gogagirls July 07, 2010

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A goga is a person, normally a baby or a cat are trapped inside a teenagers body. Someone can call you a goga and can scream goga to their other baby friends that know goga to communicate. Or it often is screamed during abuse, or hitting or any sort of physical abuse. Short form of this word is gu.
"hand me the cat!"
"okaay, suzzy"
by Gogagirls December 21, 2009

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A kay is a person that is a female dog. No one likes her. she usually spreads rumours about others to make herself look good or she is very annoying. No one likes to be around k's and they are very distributive.
"She said that?"
"Yeah, she did"
"wow, what a kay"
by Gogagirls January 04, 2010

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