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Robyn is a name originating from the Germanic Roberta. It is usually a girl's name. The male name is Rob or Robert.
Robyns tend to be either very outgoing or very reserved. If outgoing they will shine at whatever they choose to do. If they are reserved, then get to know them better, they just might be looking for a friend who they can trust with their life's secrets. Be forewarned, it might be hard to earn their true trust. It could take a very long time.

Robyns in general are amazing and beautiful even if they say they aren't. They are usually smart. Usually happy and smiling, even if they are hurting on the inside.
person 1 "Woah, that girl is always smiling. She looks like a wonderful person to get to know better"

person 2 "I'm not surprised, her name is Robyn"
by Godishopeandlove October 13, 2011
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Dope doesn't have to be connected to a drug, it can describe a thing or person who is above cool. Dope is used to describe that person who enters your life and leaves a huge impression. This person can be funny and serious at the same time, even before 6 in the morning on a Saturday. This person allows you to transcend the imaginary bonds you didn't know you chained yourself to. When you find this person in your life, be sure to thank them and thank God for putting them in your life.
person one "I didn't even know how much he impacted my life until he disappeared from it, he was so Dope"

person two "I know, he was the funniest person that I knew, I really wish he could have stayed at our school"
by Godishopeandlove July 21, 2011
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