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A rudely derogatory and hypocritical and racist term used by ignorant liberals who live in the city and rape and kill eachother and their sisters and their mothers and sometimes even their fathers.

These liberal idiots claim to be for the environment and yet have a snobby attitude towards anyone who doesn't live in the concrete amongst the gay bars and the dildo shops and the tattoo parlors and the strip clubs and other sleaze such as pimps and hoes and drive-by-shootings.If you don't enjoy all that then you're an ignorant "hick" who doesn't know what you're missing (in their view)

These big city retards also like to "hick bash" by making fun of "mullets" as if only people from the south have ever had long hair.Nevermind that just about every rock band from Los Angeles in the last 30 years has had a mullet.Especially them tattooed and pierced 80's glam fagz! And they all did meth-amphetemines first!
And talk about living in trailers...

Hollywood actors sure spend alot of time in trailers fuckin their producers!
by Goddamn I hate hypocrites August 12, 2004

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