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Scene girls are usually found in their natural habitat, myspace.com. They have a tendency to cake on ten pounds of make up, usually with bright eyeshadow and insane amounts of eyeliner that must have been inspired by racoons. They put bows in their hair in an attempt to be "cute." They wear band shirts, even if they don't know who it is. Skinny jeans must be worn and must be some ridiculous color that doesn't match anything.

When talking to a scene girl, you will find that they don't feel the need to use capitalization. Many of the words will have extra unnessary letters in them. Likeee thissss. Hearts are used a lot so their friends will know when she calls them all " trashyy slut whooress <3 <3" that she means it with love. Scene girls "rawr" a lot, because it's "cute" and because they love dinosaurs.

Scene girls have completely murdered hair. They begin by teasing/backbrushing, something that is actually very bad for hair. Scene girls put many colors in their hair, even if the combination looks ridiculous. They constantly redye it, causing more damage to their hair. They typically get brightly colored animal-print extensions as well.

Scene girls claim to be doing these things to express themselves as unique individuals. However, when a scene girl comes upon one who is not "scene enough" (one that is not identical to all the others) she will chew this girl out, calling her a poser and a wannabe.
Typical scene girl conversation:

MollyxMonster: rawr! ily my stupid && ugly whoreface <3 <3
CarieCourpse: thnx bitch, oh heyy hav u seeen my new picccc ? <3
MollyxMonster: oh hun i'll checkkk <3 wtfff?? u r such a poser with dat uglyy ass wannabe hair and u look soo fat in those jeans, what are they a size oneee??
by GoAwayLoser February 17, 2010

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