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The female counterpart to the guido. Usually moderately attractive, with nice fake titts but in desperate need of a nose job. Her voice and personality are so repulsive that only incredibly desperate white males or other guidos/guidettes will listen to her.
She is a mammoth whore, the only type of woman that a guido won't date rape because he doesnt have to. Usually have anywhere between 3 ad 8 STD's, and the super STD chlapmydia is common among the older or more whorish kind. Some of them look like post-op trannies.
"I totally hooked up with (insert italian name) last night"
"that skanky-ass guidette? She probably gave you the Chlapmidya"
by Gnossos_the_wise April 09, 2006

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The 9th and final level of hell. Pretends to to be the national capital of underage drinking and drug use, but not nearly enough rich white wasps overdose on anything or die in car accidents. Full of quasi-guidos, whorish, ugly white women, oblivious, white-bread parents, and far-left sympathisers (despite being such a rich, highly-taxed place.) An intellectual and moral cesspool, the symbol of everything that is wrong with the NorthEast, and the pink-shirt, popped collar, white hat capital of the world.

Only the most insidious and cruel of sinners are cast into such a place, and even dr them it is usually considered too harsh.
"man, even Jeffrey dahmer doesnt deserve to go to fairfield"
by Gnossos_the_wise April 09, 2006

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