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"notes are broke!" indicates a person who is unable to communicate properly with others. Our helpdesk received an email from someone with no body, just the subject line "notes are broke!" Since then, the phrase has come to mean a poor communicator, or just plain idiocy. There is a gesture that accompanies the phrase. You must flap your arms like a retarded person attempting to fly when you say it. This is of course optional according to context as well as present company.
"So, how're things going?"
"Snakes on a plane man, snakes on a plane."
"Really? What's wrong?"
"Man, you know Cindy in accounting? She's all notes are broke again."


"How are things going with the project?"
"Notes are broke, boss, notes are broke."


"Have you spoken to the client?"
"Yes, and all I can say is notes are broke."
by Gleznov August 23, 2006

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