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Pronounced (FLAH-JAY)
Similar to "Widget", can have mutiple meanings. Often sexual, yet ambiguous. Can be used like the word "Whatchamacallit" can also be a bad haircut donew/ a flowbee
Sexual Noun:

"Maybe I'll get lucky and get some flagee tonight."

Non-sexual noun:

"I had to pull a flagee (full )at work today"

"I have to see the doctor about this flagee I've been having"

Don't Flagee with me OR are you Flageeing me
by Glenn Mayonaise December 06, 2010
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based on the phrase "Jumping the shark".
Used to describe a person who at one time may have been seen in a favorable light - and is now unfavorable to be around.

At one time, said individual's shortcomings may have been tolerable, overshadowed by their good qualities - now the individual has become intolerable and brutal to be in the company of.
John officially became a shark jumper when he stopped pitching in for gas money

You became a shark jumper 5 monutes after I met you.

Everyone loved Taniya when she came to town, I could tell she was a shark jumper from the get-go.
by Glenn Mayonaise December 08, 2010
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