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A simple and accurate defintion of ginger is the following: Redhaired, pale-skinned, freckled freaks. But a simpler and more accurate definition is the following: Freakish spawns of the devil that hell has unleashed to only horrify the human race of the devil's work. They are usually unexpectedly formed due to the normal appearance of the parents. But those parents are hiding a most dangerous phenotype of HETEROZYGOUS GINGER. All gingers should be dealt with in humane manner. Destruction. All who support them are fools and ignorant feminists who believe that gingers actually own souls. The demon supporters should be dealt in the following manner. Gingers have no rights. They are below women. Jk. But seriously.
Ben: Ewwwwwww what is that thing?!
Claire: Its a ginger! Don't touch it!
by GingHaterWolf95 January 23, 2011
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