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A painful zit inside your ear that is damn near impossible to pop.
"I have an ear pimple, it hurts!"
by Gicky December 06, 2007

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Someone who buys whatever overpiced new thing Apple has put out and rant's and raves about it with the attitude that Apple is superior to all else and all else is to be looked down upon, snubbed as if inferior and speaks condescendingly to all who aren't feeding Apple their paychecks.
Mary: Can I see your iPod?
Bob: It's not an iPod, it's an MP3 player.
Mary: Oh. Nevermind.

Bob: You're such a snotty Appleholic, I hope you get iAIDS.
by Gicky May 03, 2010

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A swift kick to the grundle area.
That scumbag wouldn't give me my money, but after a good hard grundle punt, he found it.
by Gicky August 28, 2007

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