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A medium sized public school located in Australia, Sydney

Filled with crappy teachers and jackass students

Prone to assyrian gangsta wannabes and is flooded with asians. Makes you wear their cheap school uniform and if you don't you get a detention.
Cabramatta High School: OMG, Fairfield sucks! *students start smoking weed*
by Giaming April 15, 2005
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See Wei Yu

Schoolgirls msn/email nickname.

Origin Unknown.
lolz.. wot? hmm im going to think of a gud nickname, how about cheekii monkii??
by Giaming April 15, 2005
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Hottest, cutest, richest, tallest, funniest, most smart, nice and interesting boy in the world. He rulz at everything and owns u in everything.

Has been the ruler of the world since 30th August 1990.
DDR Freak: OMG, I've been practising for 50 years, and giaming just owned me by getting DOUBLE the maximum perfects in that song

Guy #1: WTF! Giaming's sleeping with my girlfriend, I thought she loved me!
Giaming: u can have her when im done, fool *shoots guy*

Guy #2: hey giaming can i borrow a dollar?
Giaming: no w....yes. certainly. *hands guy a dollar*
Guy #2: thanks! *walks away*... (sucker)*a minute later*
*coin blows up, kills his family and destroys his house*
by Giaming April 17, 2005
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