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1. A great place to adopt children with no homes
2. My favorite place to commit war crimes
Guy 1: you goin' to the orphanage?

Guy 2: yeah, but I'm not getting any kids
Guy 1: damn
by GhostyBoi666 January 31, 2020

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When your penis is large enough to dip into or 'kiss' the water of the toilet
"Thats disgusting!". "What?". "I just did a dirty rim kiss".
by GhostyBoi666 August 13, 2018

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An autistic mongloid who does nothing but be an autistic shmeat.
Jack: hey! Look it's Jacob!
Tyler: Jacob is such a stephen
by GhostyBoi666 February 09, 2019

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The act of driving a 5 ton semi-freight loader tuck into an orphanage while doing bad karaoke to the song "highway to hell" by AC/DC
Guy 1: what ever happened to Micheal?

Guy 2: he went to jail for hitting the woah bruh
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by GhostyBoi666 January 31, 2020

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