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The Traphouse is the house where ColbyBrock, Sam Golbach, Corey Scherer, Jake Webber, Elton Castee, Aaron Dog and Devyn Lundy used to live in in Los Angeles. It was named ‘TheTraphouse’ by Brennen Taylor. They made amazing youtube videos but moved out early 2019. Colby,Sam,Corey and Jake are moving into a new Traphouse in Hawaii in 2020.
Me : Have you heard about The Traphouse 2.0?
Bethany : Of Course, I can’t wait!
Me : They’re moving to Hawaii
by GhostieSoldier February 09, 2020

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One of the most basic girls you’ll come across. They originated from Tiktok and they’ll ALWAYS be found with a Hydroflask or Scrunchies. They use the phrases ‘And i oop-‘ and ‘Sksksksks’. They are one of the 3 main Tiktok girls. They wear Tube Tops and try their best to ‘Save the Turtles’ by using metal straws, do they know the cup is probably plastic too?
Vsco Girl : Do you have a scrunchie?
Me : No
Vsco Girl : And i oop- sksksksks have mine And i oop-
by GhostieSoldier October 29, 2019

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