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The state with the lowest population. Home to towering mountains and spacious plains. Populated pre-Columbus by the Shoshone, Crow, and Lakota Indians. Currently populated with cowboys, roughneck oilfield workers, Indians, and generally nice people who love the outdoors, and hate the way the rest of America lives. 90 percent of said population could probably kick your ass in half. By the by, not a favorite place for homosexuals (remember Matt Shepard?). Yes, everyone in Wyoming has a gun, and really wants to shoot something.
"I love living in Wyoming, its so beautiful and peaceful."
"Dude, its fucking empty, no one lives there!"
"I know numb-nuts, that's what makes it nice."
by GetoutofLaramie April 12, 2007

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The windiest, shitiest, drunkest place I've ever been. Fags not welcome.
God I can't wait to graduate and get the fuck out of Laramie. Of course I'll have to sober up first and pass my classes.
by GetoutofLaramie April 12, 2007

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