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Street slang for the word Damn. Often used, but not limited to those of a ginger decent.
Man 1: Damn bitch, yo hair is red as fire!!!

Man 2:Dag yo.
by Getajob5389 June 30, 2009

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referring to gas money. Gas money.
example 1: aye make sure ya'll boys got the bread on deck.

example 2: hey man, where was that bread on deck that you owe me?

shit cuz, ill hit you back on the 1st.
by Getajob5389 January 04, 2009

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loose leaf paper. also computer paper
shit boy, that teach is always on my ass about not having dat white. Pass some over here before i bust a clip in yo ass after skool.
by Getajob5389 January 06, 2009

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