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This would involve the kinky act of handcuffing your partner behind their back. Then you bend her over the bed on her stomach for the big surprise of a back-door entry. She will not be pleased but then again there will not be much she can do to fight you off.
Betsy got kinky last night and broke out the handcuffs, little did she know that the arresting officer was a corrupt cop!
by GetCrunk88 February 18, 2010
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Recognizing Simi Valley as the porn capital we came up with this. This requires 2 men staring each other straight in the eye while masturbating simultaneously. The "winner" would be the person to complete the task first. Looking down is strictly forbidden!
What do you say we settle this dispute with a good ole fashioned Simi Valley Showdown?

He got the role fair and square after he won the Simi Valley Showdown.
by GetCrunk88 January 31, 2010
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