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Aka: Jimson Weed; Devil's Apple; Thorn Apple; Stinkweed; Devil's Weed; Malpitte; Moonflower

NOT the same as belladonna. Datura is a deliriant, as is belladonna, henbane, mandrake, nutmeg, and many others. Datura, belladonna, henbane, mandrake, and similar plants all contain the same alkaloids, such as scopolamine and hyoscyamine, which produce the effects.

But there is zero comparison to datura in terms of dangerousness of use. People have ended up in the hospital, in jail, and in the grave. reputations have been ruined and people have been hurt. There is NO other vault on Erowid.org with as many negative trip reports as datura. Everyone who goes to the hospital under the influence fights the doctors and nurses and ends up in a straight jacket or sedated.
Frankly, even the word "deliriant" should scare you out of putting it in your body. Very few people have ever reported a willingness to try it again. But whatever you do...don't use datura. Use safer drugs such as heroin, cocaine, PCP, meth, and ketamine instead.
by GermanOrganistBrock August 10, 2008

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Awesome show meant to be watched exclusively by those who are extremely high, for the following reasons:

Contains tantalizing, colorful depictions of giant food

Comes on very late at night

The title. What the hell does "aqua teen" mean? The creators puff for sure

Loose, unrealistic plot lines suggest the show was never supposed to make sense to non-stoned minds

The characters are food, dammit, and they talk in funny voices
(watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Guy 1: Oh my GOD, talking, dancing meatballs are funny. Look at the funny meatball! Look at the funny meatball! He's BREAK DANCING! That's sooo awesome!

Guy 2: I feel you, man. Hey, let's see if we can't order, like, a meatball pizza from Poppa John's. I got the mad munchies.

Guy 1: Yeah, then we can top it with Doritos and dip it in ranch dressing!

Guy 2: Sweet.
by GermanOrganistBrock January 03, 2010

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Harry Potter's college aged brother, Looks like Harry but wears a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and dark Ozzy shades instead of eyeglasses. Not seen in any of the movies cause he only comes home during the summer before school starts.
Smokey Potter likes his 5 foot wizard bong but also knows 9 different spells for rolling various kinds of joints and blunts.
by GermanOrganistBrock May 20, 2010

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