1 definition by Gerald Smith

A Barfoot is an inhumanely large piece of poop. The sheer girth of the fece makes you wonder as to how a person's anus can dilate to such a degree. Some have theorized that an abnormally large, Barfoot-type anus may be genetically linked through promiscius anal sex of the Barfooter's mother. More likely however, the Barfooter's anus has been repeatedly expanded through penetration of large objects such as horse cocks, baseball bats, and possibly wine bottles.
"Dude, did you see that Barfoot floating around the shitter? That guy must have an asshole like a clown's pocket!"

"That slut takes it up the Hershey Highway so much, she must drop mad Barfoots."
by Gerald Smith May 31, 2006
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