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This nasty-ass chick who is missing most of her teeth, puts on enough make-up to smother a baby, and even though she's ugly as sin dresses like a slut.
Jesus tapdancing Christ, did you see what Dogwhore was wearing today?
by George Harrison October 28, 2003

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People that listen to the worst music in the world and are really stupid. They all say they're straight-edge, and they don't know that say that is really fucking stupid. They cry all the time and have lame pansy-ass mosh pits. The boys wear eyeliner and girl pants ans die their hair black. They put x's around their names (i.e. XxsarahxX) and the bands have stupid names (i.e. Black Love, Your Tears Shattered My Heart). Emo kids cut themselves, but should do it to the point that they all die because I hate them. ALL OF THEM are unique.
1. My sister is an emo kid.

2. The guitarist of My Chemical Romance, a horrible emo band, has stickers that say "PANSY" on his guitar.

3. Emo kids are fucking stupid and should all die.
by George Harrison August 05, 2005

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