4 definitions by George Soros's Puppet

A place near Vancouver where a sigma male (Soros), kills people and delivers their meat to schools around the world. This helps him achieve his ultimate Sigma male grindset.
Have you seen him? No he must have been sent to Canada store.
by George Soros's Puppet December 3, 2021
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George Soros is a Nazi who pulls the strings of foreign countries and their economies. His master plan includes a new world order run by himself. He has many puppets around the influential all over the world such as Trump, Obama, Bashar Al-assad, Putin, Merkel, Johnson, Macron, Jiping and most of the liberal Press.
Trump got elected! George Soros must be behind this.
by George Soros's Puppet December 3, 2021
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KKK, Katajanokan karhun kaatajat is a Finnish terrorist organization. They raid and bring terror Upon innocent people. Mostly blacks and leftists.
My cousin was raped yesterday! I heard it was the KKK!
by George Soros's Puppet December 16, 2021
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