1 definition by George Ferguson Kordonis

1)One who sincerely believes he or she is Christian and even has a level of "righteousness" in their actions but is really motivated by their own selfish interpretation of the unselfish Christian scriptures. The selfishness is deeprooted and they honestly don't see it. WARNING: this type can be dangerous to your health. If you are a regular Christian they will find something to nitpick of your faith and berate you over your 'false belief'. These people are NOT to be confused with honest real Christians who try to lead a good life.
2) One who uses the trappings of a Christian believer to attain something he otherwise couldn't (ie a Christian music leader claiming faith in Christ so he can join the Christian music group and gain a level of respect)
3) a heretic (ie the early Gnostics saw themselves as Christian though they're belifs had no consistency with universally accepted Christian doctrine as outlined in the scriptures and the Nicene Creed (which all Christians Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, American Evangelicals etc accept).
1) an example of the first type (from fiction): the preacher in the 1997 movie THE APOSTLE (aptly written andplayed by Robert Duvall). The Duvall character revealed by his actions if not his doctrinal beliefs that he was a Pseudo-Christian.
2) second type: Jim Jones or other cult leaders or people who use the Church to advance in position not because they want to advance the Christian message. Such leaders say they are christian but their acts and beliefs reveal they are Pseudo-Christian.
3) the third type: the Christian Pagan groups which say you can worship God of the bible and ancient gods (like Zeus or Thor etc) but insist on calling themselves "Christian". Christianity is one of the three great monothestic religions and thus you cannot be a "Christian" if you believe in other gods (ancient or otherwise). These people reveal by their beliefs that they are Psuedo-Christian though their actions might be benign.
by George Ferguson Kordonis September 6, 2006
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