3 definitions by Geoff's pyjamas

A chant of encouragement shouted by fen mutants when one if their comrades starts the process of downing a pint of a fruit based cider. More often than not a friend of a tough smoker
Oh hold on here he goes, Go on then big lad see it away, see it away!
by Geoff's pyjamas January 9, 2019
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A person from the fens who tokes on a cigarette with arrogance and whose origins can be traced back to a swamp donkey.
Cor look at the tough smoker over there. Bet he’s from March.
by Geoff's pyjamas November 10, 2017
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Someone who’s acts are frankly disgusting, ie wearing lonsdale trainers and tracksuit bottoms, not washing their hands after a dump. They normally are from The fens.
Like at him he’s just took a dump and not washed his hands, what a rancid humanBet he’s a tough smoker from the fens.
by Geoff's pyjamas March 13, 2018
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