1 definition by Genevieve Ingham

This word(s) has a double meaning, similar to the swear word shit.

another word for shit
"the real deal".
Thats the real crumble im talking about!
- That is the real shit, for example in reference to drugs or food cooked at home.

Can be shortened to crumb

Thats just crumb. -or- Im looking at the crumb right now. and its you.

- Translates to
That is just so bad its not cool. -or- Im looking at the real deal right now and thats you. (a subtle pick up line that can confuse the person you are picking up - a great tactic to take on the "mystery enticer" persona.)

Ahhhhh crumble/crumb - like crud from the simpsons, only more like flanders in the first instance, and more like barney in the second.
by Genevieve Ingham August 9, 2006
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