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A playful word for the narcotic drug cocaine that is intended to connote the embarkation of an activity that is lighthearted, merry, fun, exciting and/or arousing. When used in a declarative sentence the speaker’s tone may be smug, satisfied, and upbeat. Usage in an interrogative sentence should be accompanied by an outwardly sense of mischief or impishness with somewhat sinister or sly undertone (you know the implications of said activity but the word “Cha Cha” sounds so cute and harmless!). When used in an exclamatory sentence it is often accompanied by shock, exuberance, surprise (“damn that’s some good Cha Cha!”). Cha Cha is hardly ever used in an imperative sentence (unless to say “back the F$#^% off my Cha Cha!!”).
My name is Dr. Rockso and I do Cha Cha, ba-ba-baaaaby!!!

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Appropriately described as a bacchanalian gathering of one or more individuals where copious amounts of Cha Cha are consumed over an extended period of time, resulting in any, a combination, or all of the following: violence, debauchery, egoism, 5 am business ventures, shitty music...
That Omega Cha Cha-thon last night was wack! Dude kept pacing back and forth, flailing his hands and shaking his head while simultaneously screaming and ranting with authority; total egomaniac! I swear we’ll never do it again (right…)..

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